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This file places a magical control collar around the subject’s neck. This magical control collar will act against the subject’s resistance. Her mind will slowly be broken to Demon Girl’s control. She’ll always remember being Demon Girl’s slave. You’ll be demon girl’s horny feminine slave girl. This file trains the subject with a magical butt plug. She will feel her fuck hole slowly stretch 4 Demon girl. Demon girl will whisper into your mind.
She will feed your subconscious thoughts. You won’t be able 2 resist a man’s masculine charm. His presence will make you drip and drool between your legs. You will feel completely owned. You are Demon girl’s possession. You r her fuck toy. She controls your mind. You’ll become a well trained slut. You will love applying your make-up every day. You want to pull down your panties for a huge cock. This thought will penetrate the subject’s mind. She needs 2 be a use hole. This is your place. You will be trained to be a fuck hole. You’ll worship cock. You will suck cock. You will remember your place in the presence of men. The words u use in your conversations will be dictated by demon girl. She’ll insert horny words into your language. She will make you say dirty things. She will force u to express your slutty nature. You want him to know that he can fuck u. That thought will be permanently etched into the subject’s mind. It’s suggested to wear a butt plug & collar while listening to this file.

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